The field of real estate taxation is an intricate field, which requires expertise in the law, as well as practical experience in the real world.

The firm has represented clients with world headquarter complexes, airport facilities including freight buildings, and gates at O’Hare Field which are leased from the government, high rise office buildings built over Amtrak air rights, as well as other loop high rises and suburban office complexes. 

Weis, DuBrock, Doody & Maher represent several large residential properties, hotels, motels and a full range of industrial and commercial facilities throughout Cook County and surrounding counties of Northern Illinois, and ranging as far out as Rockford, Freeport and even Madison County.

Our representation runs from some of the largest companies in the world to some of the smallest, but we believe all our clients are important, and you will find Weis, DuBrock, Doody & Maher quite responsive to your needs.